About us

Grupo Rochél S.A.S is a Colombian company that was born in the city of Medellín in the year 2016. Its mission is to design, make and market women's lingerie that evoke a concept inspired by nature. Specifically, the company launches to the national market, through the Rochél brand, an innovative proposal for elegant, refined and very tasteful women. Rochél and focuses on materializing designs of intimate garments that include in their essence the details perceived in precious and semi-precious stones and expose them through the use of delicate accessories, accessories, hand embroidery, hardware in panties, Brassier and clothing Night like pajamas, batons and kimonos.
Rochél is launched as a brand for the first time in November 2016 in a campaign to generate expectations in social networks and public sites in the city of Medellín. Seeking to conquer its target customer, it introduces its first collection named Quartz into the city's renowned SPA as a strategic alliance taking into account the common aspects among women attending these sites and the brand's vision. Elegance, sobriety, association with nature and personal care are characteristics that Grupo Rochél will express in each of its collections until it is recognized in the local and regional market, including neighboring countries such as Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Brazil.

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