Returns and Exchanges

Return Requests

The Return Request in enables yo to request a return on items previously purchased. These requests are also known as RMA requests.

This option is only available for completed orders. When this option is enabled, a Return item(s) button is displayed on the order details page in the public store for completed orders only, as shown in the procedure below.

To request a return on an item:

  1. In the , select My Account and then select the Orders option, as follows: 


  2. Click the Return Item(s) button beside the complete order that you want to receive a return for. The Return Item from Order # is displayed, as shown in the following example:


  3. From the list of products Qty. to return dropdown list, select the number of items of the product you want to return.

  4. From the Return Reason dropdown list, select the reason for requesting a return. For example, wrong product ordered, wrong product received and more.

  5. From the Return Action dropdown list, select the required return action to take. For example, repair product, replace product, issue credit and so on.

  1. Click Submit return request. A confirmation message is displayed informing you the request has been submitted successfully.


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